Rotary Youth Leadership Activities (RYLA)

             Chair - Brady Dickinson

             Committee - Jeremy Gooding



Student Activities

            Chair - Jack Stalley

            Committee - Dick Worst. 

Interact Club

           Chair - 

           Committee - George Halsell

Rotaract Club


               Committee Members - Steve Irwin, Taylor Morgan, Trevor Morgan, Kristin Kuntz, 

SERVICE PROJECTS (Taylor Morgan/Tom Jensen)

World Community/International Service

           Chair - Kevin Trainor

           Committee - Don  Pica, Lawrence Flournoy, Melinda Anderson, Jody Tremblay, Dick Worst,

Local “Signature Projects

           Chair - Rudy Ashenbrener

           Committee - Shahnee Holmes, Kristin Kuntz, Nolan Watte, Eric Smallwood, Chris Scholes

Local Projects (1 day or less)

           Chair -  Kevin Bradshaw

           Committee - Trevor Morgan, Kevin Bradshaw, Stefani Zimmerman, Kristin Kuntz, Nolan Watte, Eric Watte, Thad Scholes, Shahnee Holmes, John Shuss,


Dictionary Project

           Chair -  David Kirk

           Committee - Jeremy Gooding, Don Pica, Tom Rochford, Kristin Kuntz, Nolan Watte, Stefani Zimmerman, Eric Watte, Leon Smith, Nancy Taylor,



Public Service Announcements

           Chair -  April Swisher

           Committee - Dan Olmstead, Dick Boyd, Eric Smallwood, Nancy Taylor, Rudy Ashenbrener, 


           Chair -  Kevin Bradshaw

           Committee -

Club Roster – Square Space

           Chair -  

           Committee - Jeremy Gooding


Classification/ Membership Development:

           Chair - 

           Committee - Jim Paulus, Dick Boyd, Ruth Pierce

New Member Orientation/Mentoring

            Chair -  Michelle Bartlome

           Committee - Michelle Bartlome, Deb Wilson, Bob Ohlensehlen


Invocation Fellowship

          Chair - Kent Collins

          Committee - Nancy Koonce, Leon Smith,Deb Wilson, Mark Koffer


          Chair -  Michelle Bartlome

          Committee - Jill Skeem, Chris Scholes, Jeff Rolig, Nancy Taylor

Introductions -

          Chair -  Roger Bolton

          Committee - Nancy Koonce, Don Pica,  Tom Rochford, Eric Smallwood

Social Activities:

          Chair - Kristin Kuntz 

          Committee - George Halsell, Kevin Bradshaw, Stefani Zimmerman, Eric Smallwood


          Chair -  Danny Marona

          Committee - George Halsell, Chris Scholes,

Sergeant at Arms

           Chair - Jim Mason   

           Committee - Don Pica, Vince Alberdi, Layne Price, Rudy                             Ashenbrener, John Shuss, 



        Chair -  Chris Huston

          Rich Stivers, Don Hall, Doug Vollmer, Ruth Pierce, Stephen Hartgen, 

Foundation/Rotary Education: 

         Chair -  Deb Wilson

         Committee - Nancy Koonce

Nominations-Board  (Past Presidents)

          Chair - Nancy Taylor

          Committee -Deb Wilson, Michelle Bartlome, Bob Ohlensehlen


Major Fundraisers (Death by Chocolate and Ice Cream Funday) 

       Chair -  Jill Skeem

       Committee - Trevor Morgan, Kristin Kuntz, Stefani Zimmerman, Nolan Watte,

Bites of Brilliance-

     Chair -  Chris Scholes

             Eric Smallwood, Nathan Murray, Kevin Bradshaw

Visioning Plus         

Chair -  Kevin Bradshaw

             Mike Felton, Nancy Taylor, Brady Dickinson, Melinda Anderson, 

                Jeremy Gooding, Chris Huston, Steve Irwin, Nancy Koonce, Kristin Kuntz,                             Matt Lancaster, Taylor Morgan, Jill Skeem, Eric Smallwood, April Swisher,

                 Ruth Pierce, Jody Tremblay 

Contact Board Member or Committee Chair to 

let them know you're interest in serving


Twin Falls Rotary Committee Categories

Areas of Service Covered by Board Members

(Definitions of Categories)


  • SERVICE PROJECTS – Taylor Morgan/Tom Jensen

  • PUBLIC RELATIONS – April Swisher

  • FELLOWSHIP – Trevor Morgan

  • PROGRAMS & EDUCATION – Melinda Anderson

  • MAJOR FUNDRAISERS – Mike Felton 


  1. Rotary Youth Leadership Activities (RYLA)

    1. Target High Schools, Interact Club, Youth Groups for Candidates

    2. Distribute or announce application process

    3. Review applicants.

    4. Choose 4 candidates if possible for annual conference at CSI

  2. Student Activities

    1. Work with Twin Falls High, Canyon Ridge, Magic Valley High

    2. Bring 2 students every 2 weeks to rotary meeting

    3. Highlight students’ achievements and goals during meeting.

  3. Interact Club

    1. Work with local clubs on Interact

    2. Assist high school students with direction or advice

  4. Rotaract Club

    1. Take current development plant and implement action

    2. Target list to action.

SERVICE PROJECTS (Taylor Morgan/Tom Jensen)

  1. World Community/International Service

    1. Research and make recommendations to the club president on one or two World Service Projects the club should support financially or in another manner during the year.

  2. Local “Signature Projects

    1. Develop the new local Area Rotary “signature” Project.

    2. IE, Downtown Commons, CSI Trail Connection, Roy Raymond Pavilion

  3. Local Projects (1 day or less)

    1. CSI Trail Refurbishing (May) Thad Scholes

    2. Spirit of Magic Valley, Falls 2 Falls

    3. Paint Magic BBQ

    4. Salvation Army Bell Ringing

  4. Dictionary Project

    1. Sticker Dictionaries, Organize and Distribute to All 3rd Graders, Dist. #411



  1. Public Service Announcements

    1. Write copy for newspaper and radio of events, achievements.

    2. Provide or produce videos for PSA to TV stations

  2. Website-Facebook

    1. Provide information of upcoming events, new members, upcoming speakers

    2. Membership recruitment tool

    3. Foundation Application Forms

    4. Provide pictures and video of rotary projects, awards, achievements, donations

  3. Club Roster – Square Space

    1. Keep updated information of club members

    2. Make available to membership

    3. List past and passed members


  1. Classification/ Membership Development:

    1. Classification No longer required.

    2. Classification still recommended in potential membership development

    3. Organize and Develop membership recruitment

  2. New Member Orientation/Mentorship

    1. Conduct new member orientation.

    2. Remind, escort, and assist new members at lunch or social events.

    3. Act as one on one point of contact for new members.

    4. Host a "Bring a Guest Day" during Membership and Extension Month


  1. Invocation Fellowship

    1. Lead prayer during regular meetings and social functions.

    2. Vary different religious prayers (Christian, Hebrew, Muslim)

  2. Exchequer:

    1. Provide a short and tasteful look at state or community events of the ​past month involving fellow Rotarian's

    2. Discuss good news/bad news

  3. Fellowship:

    1. Maintain and provide a list of club members to introduce guests and visiting Rotarian's as part of the weekly meeting.

    2. Promote participation by members in the club's recreational and social activities.

    3. Provide information to the Club of member's or their spouse's illness or passing; send Get Well cards on behalf of the Club.

    4. Send flowers and condolences to funerals of Club members, their spouses or immediate family.

  4. Introductions

    1. Introduce Visiting Rotarian's and Guest of Rotarian's.

  5. Social Activities:

    1. Christmas Party, Fall picnic, Spring Activity

    2. Plan family Christmas activity (i.e. Family Bowling)

    3. Invite spouses, family member to attend 5th Wednesday meetings.

    4. Host a quarterly social for new members, their spouses, sponsors and the Board. Activities

  6. Music

    1. Lead club in song at beginning of meeting.

    2. Songs of their choice to include patriotic as well as other standards.

  7. Sergeant at Arms

    1. Hang Rotary banners prior to each meeting.

    2. Greet Rotarian's and sell raffle tickets at the entrance.

    3. Lead club in “Pledge” after music

    4. Place Rotary 'sneakers" at each entrance.

    5. Remove and store banners and shoes at the conclusion of the meeting


  1. Programs

    1. Arrange and host programs and speakers for all club meetings.

    2. Ensure programs are relevant, meaningful, and appropriate for all club members.

    3. Provide an advance schedule of programs to the President.

  2. Foundation/Rotary Education: 

    1. Provide informative programs and other activities to educate Rotarian's and the community about Rotary and the Rotary Foundation, its history, objectives, scope and activities at least twice a year.

    2. Educate members about Rotary's "Every Member Every Year" program.

    3. Keep members informed on developments in the administration of Rotary.

    4. Plan activities/programs for Rotary Awareness Month in January. Jennifer Moss (District 5400)

  3. Nominations

    1. Solicit, encourage and develop nominations for the Board of TF Rotary.


  1. Major Fundraisers (Death by Chocolate and Ice Cream Funday) 

    1. Plan, organize and host Club's Annual Fundraiser Activity.

    2. Report routinely to the Club on progress, participation and proceeds.

  2. Bites of Brilliance-

    1. Annual fundraiser similar to Ted Talks

    2. Entertain, Educate and 


  1. Visioning          

    1. Schedule visioning exercise every 3 years

    2. Work with facilitator on meeting.

    3. Encourage group participation for future club direction.

    4. Follow developed plan

    5. Meet annually for correction.

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