Death by Chocolate - 2020

P1320374 1st Brownie Canyon Ridge People
P1320371 2nd brownie people milners17
P1320406 HighSchool 2nd37
P1320403-1st-Unique - MVH -35
P1320398 3rd Unique- People Jakers33
P1320395 1st- Cookie-Four Root32
P1320400 2nd Unique Grace Assisted34
P1320393 2nd Cookie Peoples Carlas31
P1320391 - Bridgeview Estates - 3rd - Co
P1320389 TF High School 1st Place - Cand
P1320387 2nd -candy- TF Senior -  People
P1320384 CSI Culinary - Candy - 2nd27
P1320380 1st Cake Peoples26
P1320379-Homestyle-2nd- Cake25
P1320379 2rd Homestyle-Cake -People24
P1320379 2nd Homestyle-Cake -People23
P1320377 2nd Cake-CSI Culinary22
P1320375 jakers group20
P1320369 sweet creastions - brownie 3rd
P1320364-2nd Uniue Judges Jakers14
P1320361 3rd Unique Judges Grace Assiste
P1320357 2nd Cookie Judges Carla11
P1320360 1st - Cookie Judges bridgeview1
P1320354 3rd Place Cookie Canyons10
P1320351 1st Candy Judges Fredericksons9
P1320350 2nd Candy Judges8
P1320343 Homestyle 2nd5
P1320346 Cakes 1st Judges6
P1320348 3rd Candy Ashley7
P1320338 Hilton 2nd Brownie4
Judges 1st brownie1

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Peoples Winners

1. Canyon Ridge High School 

2. Hilton Garden Inn

3. Sweet Creation


1. Cactus Petes  

2. Homestyle Direct   

3. CSI Culinary                                                                        

Candy                                                                          1. Twin Falls High School   

2. Twin Falls Senior Center                                          

3. CSI Baking & Pastry Arts                                         



1. 4 Roots   

2. Carla's Creations  

3.Canyons Retirement Community


Unique Dessert                                                           1. Magic Valley High School           

2. Grace Assisted Living         

3. Jakers Bar & Grill           

Judges Winners


1.Ketchum Burrito

2. Milner's Gate

3. Sweet Creations    


Brownie Cake   

1. Cactus Petes

2. Homestyle Direct

3. CSI Culinary


1. Frederickson's

2.Twin Falls High School

3. Ashley Manor


1. Bridgeview Estates

2. Carla's Creations

3. Brdigeview Estates   

Unique Dessert

1. Magic Valley High School

2. Jakers Bar and Grill

3. Grace Assisted Living

High School Division

1. Twin Falls High School

2. Canyon Ridge High School

3, Magic Valley High School


Best in Show

1. Cactus Pete's

P1320411 1st Cake Peoples39
P1320409  1st Twin Falls High school38
P1320404 3rd High school36
P1320406 HighSchool 2nd37
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Thanks to our Chocolate Participants

4 Roots • Ashley Manor • Black Bear Diner• Bridgeview Estates • Cactus Petes 'Canyon's Retirement Community • Canyon Ridge High School • Carla's Creations • Coldstone Creamery. CSI Culinary & Baking & Past Arts •  Frederickson's • Grace Assisted Living • Hilton Garden Inn • Homestyle Direct • Jakers •  Ketchem Burrito • Koto Brewing Co.• Magic Valley High School • Milner's Gate • Shari's Cafe & Pies • Sweet Creations by Tammy • Twin Falls High School • Twin Falls Senior Center

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