Club Videos

Check out the lastest videos produced by the club

Twin Falls High Jazz Band


CSI Madrigals

Serena Clark Jenkins


Synergy 2014

Chrimstmas Music under the direction of Bill Hale

Paul Arrington July 2014

Talks about the upcoming year and what the club needs to do.

Patti O'Dell  - Funny

Patti O'Dell's last meeting and is the Exchequer.

Visitor Center -

IThe starting of the visitor center is explained by Shawn Barrigar

Danny Marona Honored

Prior or a program that is started Danny Morona is given an award for his service.

Tubbs Bees

Heidi Tubbs talks about bees at the Twin Falls Rotary meeting on May 28th, 2014

Fred Dickson - Economy

Annual visit from Fred Dickson of DA Davidson.