TF Rotarians Race for Kids

Four Rotarians competed in the Perrine Bridge Festival Triathalon on Saturday(9-6-14). Proceeds from the event throughout the day go to St. Luke's Foundation Children with special needs. The event consisted of the 5K run, a bike ride of 10 miles and 2 miles in a Kayak. 3 Rotarians created one team, Valerie Thompson, Paul Arrington and veteran to the event Autumn Phillips.


Kevin Bradshaw, soloed in all three events, and finishing 15 minutes after the last racer. Asked why so long completing, Bradshaw claimed "I zigged near the turn around on the bike trail; when I should have zagged" The dynamic trio finished near the end. Also, special thanks to Daphne Mallory who is proposed for membership brought her daughter. Sabine, to shoot some video and stills for us. Hope to post those soon. This is great way to have Rotary promote exercise and good healthy and helping out in the community.

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