Service Club Saturday - Members Help

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Bell Ringing Competition Ringing in the Dollars

Service Club Saturday brought in dollars and coins through the help of all the service clubs. What is the results of the competition? Stand by Twin Falls Rotary members weathered the cold wind in two locations- Thanks to the following members that donated their time to help.

O'Dunkens -Thad & Chris Scholes, Jeff Harris/Scott Standley, Kent Just/ Gary Garnand,Nancy Taylor/Taylor Morgan,Debra Rydalch, Rob Stephens/ Stacy Stephens, Don Pica/ Jack Stalley

Sportsman Warehouse -Bob Newbry/Mark Koffer, Kent Collins/Brady Dickinson, Bob Ohlensehlen/David Gadd and boys, Leon Smith/ Kent Atkin, Jill Skeem/ Fritz Kippes, Jeremy Gooding /Jeff Fox,Carl Snow/ Dale Riedesel

See more pictures on Twin Falls Rotary Website Online Pictures here You can see all 157 pictures taken that day by going to the SmugMug Site. Click Here.

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