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Cliff Snider

Centennial Park History
Park's Official Birth Jan 1990-1992

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Sam Yost


Mike Brock


March 1, 2000
To; Dick Boyd
From: Cliff Snider

Subject: Waterfront Park Pavilion History

Waterfront park land was funded but before any construction could start we needed a plan. JUB Engineers headed up by Bill Block donated the engineering design for the project. Darrell Heider, County Parks Supt., and members of the special projects committee were involved in the planning The pavilion was a part of that plan but, was not funded in the original phase Based on that plan Darrell was able to obtain funding from a number of government agencies which made possible the roads, parking lot, the additional land leased to the county by the BLM for park use, land leveling, loop road clearing, and boat ramps. Several picnic areas were developed and, a water system was installed along with a public restroom. In order to allow the government agencies adequate time to obtain the approvals, Rotary had to retain ownership of the land for a year.  So the original funds raised by Rotary were multiplied by several factors and it was a true community centennial project.

Several years passed after the initial stage and my next recollection took place when I
was program chair. Jeff Rolig was president and started the meeting by discussing the new pavilion. He asked the club to think of a name for the new project. Later in the
meeting, he was discussing Roy Raymond and how much he would be missed. Since I was already at the head table I leaned over after he sat down and said" Why don't we consider naming it the Roy Raymond pavilion". Three or four meetings later he announced that the board had made it official and we had a named project.

Several months passed and I received a call at home one night from Judge Burdick requesting me to work on a fund-raiser. I asked him how much was needed and he thought about fourteen thousand. The plan was to use some other funds and some
money from the spring dinner at the Sandpiper. Not being in business anymore I said I really didn't think it was something I could do and I felt he could do better. He said the board felt different and that Pete York - Times-News would head it up if I could just help.

Pete and I met one morning the following week and I laid out a strategy which Peter wrote down. This was just an outline of where the money possibilities existed and the people who could access those sources. We then made a call together on Doug Vollmer who was most supportive- He wanted to know exactly what was going to happen. I told him that Roy was a first-class citizen and this would be a first-class project because he deserved it and we wouldn't be associated with anything less and
neither would the Rotary Club Members. We all felt $14,000 was an inadequate number to do what we wanted. Doug gave us his total support and became the leading fundraiser in the group.


Hi Kevin, I think it's great you are putting together information about the Club and all we were able to accomplish. I found an old Rumbles with some information regarding the fundraiser for purchasing the ground. I remember standing on the overlook by the visitors center and Cliff Snyder pitching his idea of purchasing the ground to the board. If memory serves me right we committed to raising $110,000 for the purchase. When we told the club our plan, I think half of the club members thought it was an impossible goal but I think we raised a little more which was used for some of the other improvements. If memory serves me right, we sold the Roy Mason Commemorative paintings to help raise funds for the Roy Raymond Pavilion along with getting pledges for skiing vertical feet as a fundraiser for the Pavilion too. So many great things went into providing the City with a FABULOUS facility for years to come.


That's about all I can add, if I think of more I'll let you know.


Sam Yost


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