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Check out our New Community Project Below. 

The Rotary Club of Twin Falls' current local Community Project is the upgrading and remodeling of the bathrooms at Frontier Park. It serves the Cal Ripkin and Babe Ruth baseball and softball leagues. 3,000 kids from the Boys and Girls Club. And forthcoming 12 pickleball courts, playground equipment, and a pavilion for family and community events. As well as the National Guard who conducts its drills at the park.
      Rotary canceled its largest fundraiser, Death by Chocolate, due to Covid and its variants and is looking for community support for this project. If you are a business, past sponsor of Rotary fundraisers or enjoy the use of the park and would like to help financially, please donate below.

       If you would like to become a part of the project, please contact Jill Skeem at 208-320-2786, or Kevin Bradshaw at 202-212-0265,


TF Rotary 
Frontier Park Restroom Community Project

Frontier Park Restroom Presentation - Jill Skeem

Current 50 Year 
Outdated Bathroom


New Design
Updated Bathroom
View Fly Thru Below

Exterior Fly-Thru

Interior Fly-Thru


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Make Your Donation today to help complete this project by the end of the 3rd quarter

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