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TF Rotary History

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E. A. Walters, President
W. H. Eldridge, Vice-president
Stuart H. Taylor, Secretary-Treasurer-

'The original roster of the club was as follows-,.

R. B. King, Idaho, Power Co., Electric Power Distribution
A. G.• Fisher, Fisher Drug Co., Drug Retail
B. B. Williams, Perrine Hotel, Hotels.
A. Ostrander, Ostrander & Macauley, Retail Furniture
G. R. Easley, Automobile sales, retail

J. S. Keel, Real Estate
C. J. Hahn, Trust Company executive
E. A. Walters, Attorney at law

Stuart H. Taylor, Insurance service.    
W. R.-Priebe, Retail jewelry
H. E. Barber, Shoes Retail sales....... 

W. H. Eldridge, Clothing, Retail sales
Larry Gaas, Office supplies, retail It.

R.A. Read, Newspaper publishing.
L. B. Salladay, Retail hardware
C. R. Channel, Retail lumber.    
L. T. Wright, Retail farm machinery    .    . .
A. J. Peavey, Abstracting & title service
L. Le, Brecknridgé, Flour manufacturing

J. H. Maxwell, Commercial banking
A. L. Swim, Mortgage loans
Sam Hart, Dry goods retail

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Breckenridge 3-21-1918.png
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