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The Covid Times- March 2020-2022

When Covid hit, Rotary International said no In-person PETS( Presidents-Elect Training )  because of Covid, it was shortly after that we as a club stopped at meeting at the Turf Club. Kevin Bradshaw was trying to keep the club together through technology and produce a Rotary meeting in his photo studio at his house.  Taylor and Kevin did the first show. We were able to start by having members watch on Facebook and using OBS(Open Broadcast System) and mix it up with PPT(PowerPoint Presentation) and pre-recorded video of music, messages, and sometimes programs from Club president Mike Felton.  It was later that ZOOM was implemented. Bill Ysteueta from Chic Fil A gave us weekly gift cards. Danny Loughmiller helped with the initial 5 or 6 episodes. 
( In 1918, The club stopped meeting from October - to December 9th, 1918 because of the Spanish Flu. ( The club was a few months old then. )