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Annual Fitness Trail Repair - 2021

The CSI Fitness Trail was an idea implemented by the Rotary Club of Twin Falls, At the end of 198#, over 2 miles of walking, running, and exercise station was installed. After that time the Rotary club has been performing annual maintenance by laying down bark with the help of middle school students. Teaching them about service.

Dear Rotarians
Mrs. Bollingers Primetime at O'Lear MS would like to thank you for allowing us to help you clean up the trails at CSI.  We believe it is important to give back to our community.
Mrs. Bollinger 

My favorite memory of working on the fitness trail was a year that my 75th birthday coincided with fitness trail day. Two of my grandchildren were on the work crew I was supervising. About one hour into the work my daughter-in-law showed up with cake and ice cream and the work crew sang happy birthday to me.
Thad Scholes, Rotarian

Annual Fitness Trail Repair - 2002

Fitness Trail Ceremony  Announce.jpg

Annual Fitness Trail Repair - 2001
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Ed Skinner, Terry McCurdy, Carl Snow, 2 kids, Intermountain Gas, Chris Scholes, Thad Scholes, Denise Siren, Rich Cook, Vern Snodgrass, Kevin Trainor, Megan Trainor, Roger Burdick & Black lab, Karl Kleinkoff, Bob Cooper, Michael McClimans, Jack Stalley

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